How To Sign up for a Speedy Inventory account?



• Creating a Speedy account is free.
• There are two stages to set up your company account with speedy:

        1. First stage: setting up your Speedy account.

       2. Second stage: setting up your company information.

• You can set up your speedy account with any browser (by phone or desktop).


Required Information

• Email address. Required
• A password you can remember. Required
• company name. Required
• Address: (street, city, state, zip code). Required
• Phone number. Required


Step 1: setting up for Speedy account:

1. Go to speedy website.
2. Go to [Sign up for free trail], it will take you to signing up page.
3. Fill the required information (only Name is Required).Speedy Inventory


First Name: [First Name] Required

Last Name: [Last Name]

Email: [[email protected]]

Password: [•••••••••••]
4. Click on save, it will take you to setting up company information page.


Step 2: Adding company information:

1. Fill the required information (only Company, Address and Phone number are Required).


Speedy Inventory
We need a few more things to get started


Company: [Company Name] Required

Location: [Company location]

Street: [Company Building Number and Street Name] Required

City: [City where company is located] Required

State: [State where company located] Required

Zip: [ company location Zip code] Required

Phone Number: [ company or account owner phone number] Required

Website: [company website]
2. Click on Save, Congregations! (It will take you your Company dashboard).